Optimum Anabolics Review

Optimum Anabolics Review - Can It Really Get Anabolic Steroid Like Growth But…Completely Naturally?

Optimum Anabolics has been around for a few years now and just recently it got updated and revamped even more.

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Product: Optimum Anabolics

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Creator: Jeff Anderson

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Recommended For: Medium to advanced trainers who want to build rapid muscle mass.

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The program was created by Jeff Anderson, also known as the “Muscle Nerd”. Jeff created Optimum Anabolics as a way to replicate the positive effects that anabolic steroids have on the growth of the muscles but by using all natural methods.In this Optimum Anabolics review I will get to the bottom about all constant hype that has been surrounding this all natural bodybuilding program and if it really works or not.

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Why All The Fuss About Optimum Anabolics?

Put it like this, anyone who comes out and says “hey I’ve got a way that stimulates massive muscular growth like you are using anabolic steroids but I show you how to do it completely naturally!” is going to get blasted and the creator Jeff Anderson did cop it. But he copped it unfairly though. Most of the people who were hurling the abuse were people who never actually used Optimum Anabolics, they were people who just got fired up by the claims being made. But when the B.S. calmed down what was left was a solid base of members of Optimum Anabolics who had received ridiculously quick and effective results.

How Does Optimum Anabolics Stimulate Massive Muscle Development?

Jeff’s system combines different workout techniques (Hyper adaptive cycling), dieting techniques (Protein loading and protein deprivation cycles) and his findings in the art of muscle development (8 Anabolics factors and 21 Principles) that when all used together produce a massive consistent spike in testosterone and growth hormones in the body.

Extreme muscle mass is the end result. Optimum Anabolics has been called “Insane” by some bodybuilders because some of Jeff’s logic goes against conventional wisdom. But this is exactly why Optimum Anabolics gets it’s huge results from. It’s not another generic bodybuilding program, it blazes it’s own trail and marches to a different beat of the drum.

optimum-anabolics-4So What Is Hyper Adaptive Cycling And Protein Deprivation?

Two of the main factors that allow Optimum Anabolics to stimulate the muscle growing hormones in the body are Hyper Adaptive Cycling and Protein Deprivation. Hyper Adaptive Cycling is a specialized number of specific lifting techniques that are designed to be used at strategic times in combination with protein loading and protein deprivation cycles.

Protein loading and protein deprivation are used with Hyper Adaptive Cycling to boost your bodies own production of testosterone and growth hormones at specific intervals. A lot of the hype and controversy about Optimum Anabolics comes from bodybuilders who heard that if your on the program there are times when you will not be inducing any protein whatsoever! And that is true, at certain specific intervals you will by cycling in and out of protein loading and protein deprivation cycles. I won’t go into the exact techniques as it would take ages to explain and Jeff goes into much more detail about these techniques and how to implement them. But all I have to say is damn are they powerful!


So Who Is Optimum Anabolics For?

I hesitate with recommending this for total beginners only because it can be a lot of information to take on at first but Jeff does a great way to simplify everything. And if you want the massive results that can be achieveable you really need to follow all the step by step advice 100% you can’t be half ass about it. If your currently training then I think it would be a good decision to take a week off and then start using Optimum Anabolics and stick with it for a few weeks and notice the results. You should be happily surprised at the results. Optimum Anabolics is great for giving rapid results and to plough through training pleautaus.

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How I Use Optimum Anabolics

I currently cycle Optimum Anabolics on and off. I usually do about 3 – 4 different specific bodybuilding systems a year. And I also mix and match some during each week. Optimum Anabolics is really all about building massive muscles and fast which is more than fine. The reason why I cycle on and off with it is usually because the I do a maintenance workout for most of the year as I like more of a healthy beach look rather than a huge bulky look. Optimum Anabolics can sometimes be too effective (believe it or not) also the diet can be a bit of a pain at times as you really have to be a food Nazi while your on it.

Optimum Anabolics Review Wrap Up

So in wrapping up this Optimum Anabolics review I definitely recommend Optimum Anabolics for anyone who wants to experience huge spurts of muscular development quickly. I hesitently recommend it for complete beginners (but saying that it will always do more good than harm) and definitely recommend it if your currently been working out for a few months and you want to see your results skyrocket!

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